Clubs from all over the country gathered in Pomorie and showed the richness of Bulgarian folklore

For 10 years now, the festival "Horo near the Pomorie Beach" gathers dancers from all over Bulgaria, hand in hand and round to circle, in a great Bulgarian horo dance. The event is held under the patronage of Mayor Ivan Aleksiev, organized by the municipality of Pomorie and NGO "Chaika" Dance Club headed by Lilyana Hristova. Each time the festival shows how rich folklore is, how rhythmic and magical are the rhythm and the steps when the heart plays, and with it the legs are slightly inclined. More than 30 members from all over the country yesterday shot the "St. Cyril and Methodius" square in Pomorie. Traditionally, they have dug through the city center, presenting their Cypriot stylized modern or classic folk costumes. The commencement of the anniversary edition was given by Deputy Mayor Yancho Iliev. He welcomed all attendees and read a greeting address on behalf of Mayor Ivan Alexiev. "It is a proud thing that Chaika Club represents our town in the country and abroad, but it is also delightful that for so many years a gull has managed to attract hundreds of participants from all over Bulgaria to the Pomorie Beach and to shelter them under their wing. one of the symbols of Pomorie, but you are part of his cultural emblem, "Mayor Aleksiev says in his greeting address. The jubilee celebration continued as each club showed mastery, performing dances from different ethnographic areas. A special participant this year was the Group for interpretation of traditional folklore - Sadina village. They presented traditional people, some of which will be taught at the seminar on 16.06.2019 at 11:00, led by Prof. Nikolay Tsvetkov and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Garov. Today the program continues with the concert-show "Images of the Otherness" at 17.00 h, in the hall of "Prosveta 1888" Pomorie. Participation in the concert will take place: "Chaika Bourgas-Pomorie" Dance Club, "Na Megdana" Dance Ensemble - Sofia, Student Folklore Ensemble at SWU "Neofit Rilski" - Blagoevgrad and Trake Dance Band - Stamboliyski . The creative team of the event includes: Petyo Krastev / music /, Nikolay Tsvetkov, Georgi Garov, Veliana Dacheva, Daniel Kostov / choreography /, Martina Ivanova / scenography /, Nikolay Tsvetkov and Georgi Garov / directors / and Lilyana Hristova / organizer /. The entrance is free!