About Pomorie

Hotel Central Plaza Pomorie is the right choice to make. The Hotel is located in the centre of the old town, 70 metres away from the beach.

The town of Pomorie has unique nature, which makes it an attractive destination for perennial leisure and treatment.The town of Pomorie is located on a narrow rocky peninsula, recessed 3.5 km in the Black Sea. The town is found in IV century B.A. next to the salt lake, also called by the ancient Thracians “sacred” for its healing features.

The climate is especially favourable. The consequently rotating winds (sea breeze) from the sea to the coast and from the coast to the sea rhythmically freshen the air. In the mornings, before the sunrise, the air is rich of ozone and anions, ultraviolet rays and iodine, exuded in gaseous form from the algae. Because of the slow cooling of the sea water during autumn, it remains warm. These climatic indicators allow the exploitation of the resort from early spring to late autumn.

It is unconditionally proven that the firth healing mud, extracted from the salt lake, is one of the best in the world. In the modern sanitarium successfully, perennially, are treating illnesses of the loco-motor, gynecological, surgical and traumatic, dermal, peripheral nerves, nonspecific illnesses of the respiratory organs, cardio-vascular, hepatic, etc.

In the resort of Pomorie the sea coast is low, sandy, with completely open horizon from east to west, shielded from the north by StaraPlanina. The sea coast has a surface area of 18 700 sq. km and is approximately 7 km long with rich of iron sand. The water area of the Pomoriebay is preferred by the sailing regattas, and the pier – by anglers. The piers, which are out of the swimming zones, redirect the cold drifts. The shallow and flat seabed, with slight decline, without reefs and cold drifts is safe for swimming.



 In its 25 century history, Pomorie (until 1934 was named Anchialo) has a violent and inconstant history – a Greece colony, town of the Roman Empire with the right to coin, primary fortress of the First Bulgarian country, a witness of the battle at Aheloy in 917, robbed and burned down in 1366 by the Earl of Savoy Amedey. Few of the most interesting historical landmarks of Pomorie are the Antic dome tomb from the era of the late Roman Empire (II-III c.), the acting monastery “St. George” – monument of the architecture during the “renaissance”, which conserve icons from XVIII and XIX century, the small church “PreobrazhenieHristovo” from 1764 and the church “SvetaBogorodica”, built by the best student of KolioFicheto – UstaGencho – the architectural reserve “Old Pomorian houses”

In succession with the traditional occupation of the natives – viticulture, winery, salt production and fishing, the tourism and its accompanying acts define the new face in the economics of the very attractive spa resort of Pomorie.